Barbary Station is Getting a Sequel!

Technically, two, but the next book's cover was just revealed over at the Barnes & Noble SFF blog. This also means that I can give Mutiny at Vesta's Pinterest board its rightful name. The cover is so cool! I said something coherent about it in the Barnes & Noble post, I think.

I have also been all over the internet talking about Barbary Station and related topics. I discussed Five Books About Running Away from One's Problems to Join a Space Pirate Crew on, my favorite bit of Barbary Station at Mary Robinette Kowal's blog, 10 Ways to Freshen Up Tropes in Your Stories on Female First (warning: ginormous photo of me), and many random things in a Reddit AMA.

I didn't even get close to participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Even with my new deadlines, I usually attend a write-in or two as a NaNo rebel. This year, with a new day job, a new book, and an actual winter to prepare for, I just didn't make it into the fray. I hope all you writers out there had fun and wrote many wonderful words.

It's comforting that although I couldn't participate this year, some neural networks did! NaNoGenMo is an annual event in which people "write code that writes a novel." My favorite neural network wrangler, Janelle Shane, has posted the output of a network trained to create opening lines of novels. It has hilarious ideas about grammar, and you can check out its "novel" on Github. Some of the opening lines sound like ones a Faulkner character would deliver, in prose, with messed up spelling.

Happy holidays and consumerism! See you on or around New Year's Eve.

R. E. Stearns