2017 is Over and Gone

Although it was a good year for me, it wasn't for most people, so I'm happy to join in the celebration of its demise. Also, I'm looking forward to a year in which I leave fewer voicemails on politicians' answering machines. With luck, that year will be 2018, as many of the American ones will be up for re-election in November.

In other communication news, if you feel inspired to mail me a paper letter, you can now send it to the address below:

R. E. Stearns
P.O. Box 2122
Littleton, CO 80129

I am slowly catching up on correspondence from last year, and I'm hopeful about responding to all of it by the end of January. That seems reasonable. While you're waiting for your reply, check out where I've been babbling on the internet this month:

Overthinking things is one of my greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses. I overthought (and turned in late) a number of other blog posts last month, which may or may not appear online this month. In the meantime, I have fiction to write!

R. E. Stearns