Barbary Station is out 10/31/17!

Tomorrow your pre-orders should arrive, and Barbary Station will be available to purchase all over the place. Wild!

If you don't want to wait that long for a sneak peak, check out this excerpt. It's from Adda's point of view, as is about half of the novel. I'm amused about their choice here, because this is one of the scenes I didn't think too hard about. My outline said "Adda meets the AI," and all of the details felt like they rattled out of the keyboard. The scene came out psychedelic and creepy! Good Halloween fare. Tor might post something else I wrote, about other written things, tomorrow.

For more behind-the-scenes factoids about the novel, read an interview and see a huge picture of me over at I recommend accompanying it with Squarepusher's cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" because it's more spacey than the original version. Also, Barbary Station got a mention at the very end of this installment of Library Journal Reviews.

And if none of those fulfills your need for more info, I'm also doing a Reddit AMA tomorrow: (because they take all kinds in /r/Fantasy). Ask me anything! The social contract dictates that I answer.

Anyway, Barbary Station has entertained several people I admire, it was fun to write and revise, and on balance it's made me drink less instead of more. I'm pleased to loose it onto the rest of the world.

Happy Halloween, and best of luck to all you 'wrimos preparing for November 1!

R. E. Stearns