Audio Mutiny at Vesta Cover

Mutiny at Vesta is still on track to come out in October 2018, and now the audio version has the same release date! Visit the Recorded Books website to check out the audio cover, which features shiny blue title font and a ship which our heroines may see from that exact angle in the story.

Also, hello from probably temporary full time authordom! Due to Circumstances (yes, the capital C kind) I have no day job for the next month. No more just getting to the good part when I have to get ready for work! No more commuting home with ideas which I can barely summon the energy to put in a note file, let alone incorporate into the text before the next day.

I say "probably temporary" because it is time to line up the next project after I've told you everything there is to tell about Adda and Iridian. Who knows how long that'll take to sell? Who knows how much it will sell for? With all that uncertainty, I suspect I'll pick up some non-writing contracts in the fall. I am aware of what a wonderful problem that is to have.

R. E. Stearns