Mutiny at Vesta is Available for Preorder!

I've been so focused on making the next story marvelous that I hadn't checked the status of Mutiny at Vesta lately. Good news! Barbary Station's sequel is available for preorder1 and has a published release date of October 2! That date may change. You can preorder Mutiny at Vesta on IndieBound, Barnes and Noble (including NOOK format), Booktopia (which is outside the U.S. and sells ePUB format), and Amazon. The Audible pre-order is not available yet, since I'm fairly sure the audiobook is still in production.

I've been thinking about the poem Roll the Dice a lot lately. Taking advice from Charles Bukowski feels like a kind of midlife crisis, which doesn't say much for my life expectancy. There are ways I could make more time to write. Plans are in motion, although they are not the sort of plans that improve by being published on the internet. To be as honest as I can be, those plans are not made with writing in mind and if I'm lucky I'll get that extra time after several months of unpleasantness. For now: Back to writing!

  1. Why isn't preorder hyphenated?
R. E. Stearns