Barbary Station Pronunciation Guide

I'm not sure any of this should be treated as canon, because I was saying Adda's name like a ridiculous midwestern American until my agent pronounced it a way I like better. That said, the accented/stressed syllable I say louder than the other parts is in CAPS below:

  • Barbary Station = BAR-bah-ree STAY-shun
  • Adda Karpe = AH-duh Carp
  • Iridian Nassir = er-ID-ee-an Na-SEER
  • Pel Karpe = Pehl Carp
  • Sloane = SLOW (like the speed) + n
  • Tritheist = TRY-th-ee-ist
  • AegiSKADA = EE-ji-skay-duh

If you have questions about pronunciation of other names or words, please leave them in the comments and I'll tell you how I say them.

R. E. Stearns