Goingson in the Runiverse



Back from summer vacation! I spent a week in Wyoming with my family. We hiked Yellowstone for a few days and then watched the first day of the Cheyenne rodeo. So much fun! And I got a picture of my idea of heaven (don't mind the dead branches, that's normal for lodgepole pines):

I'm enrolled in Coursera's free course entitled Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World. Our first reading is Grimms' Fairy Tales, and wow are they weird! If you follow me on Twitter you've probably noticed some of my comments about them. The Grimms created great low points. A talking horse can solve the problem? Cut off its head! I've been telling the exceptionally bizarre tales to my husband as bedtime stories.

Speaking of whom: I'm currently working on a comedic sci fi short story for the hubby, who fears whales and loves octopuses (the most correct plural, much as I enjoy "octopi"). Research for the story has lead me to all sorts of fascinating facts about these creatures, as well as other useful knowledge (space smells!) I'm going to wind it up at the end of July so that I can start planning the fall project.

TL;DR: I'm alive and writing! Possible future blog topics include cephalopods and common causes of civil wars.

R. E. Stearns