Blogging with Ad Copy

Blogs should present relevant information in a style the reader finds appealing. I get that. But I have a lot more fun writing entries when they read like narratives, as opposed to the new popular blogging style: Ad copy. When you're writing an ad, first identify something that sucks. How sad that your reader is subjected to  such suckitude!

Then discuss why a solution is important, as if the reader does not already know.

Random headings make ad copy more exciting!

Then you sell something! But if you explain what the something is, your reader will realize that it may not actually solve the problem. Be vague.

Readers have the attention span of crack ferrets, so small paragraphs are a necessity.

When I see something written like that, I assume that despite the stellar headline that brought me there, nothing on the page is important. If the headline really sounds like something I want, I might skim to the last paragraph to find out what's being sold. More often, I read blogs hoping that the information I'm interested in is, shockingly, in the blog entry with the headline. Why not just post 130 characters and a link on Twitter? I'd rather be entertained for five minutes whether I get useful information or not than skim annoying text for one minute and be disappointed by its information value in the end.

This, by the way, is not a blog that is trying to teach you something. Relevent points in this blog can be found in bold toward the bottom of each entry. I really just write to say hi, and offer updates on my affairs to people who care about such things. The occasional rant or rave should be expected. Informative blogging takes time I could spend writing novels, which, someday, will be the only reason you're reading this at all.

Do you enjoy blogs written like ad copy? If so, what do you like about that style?