99¢ Kindle E-Book Review: Eternity

Eternity by Casey S. Townsend isn't 99¢ on Amazon but it is on SmashWords, so I may be cheating here.  I have been too busy reading works for critique and more expensive e-books to come up with an obviously legitimate e-book to review. Eternity it is. The story is set in the near future, after the fanatical followers of Roth have taken over, if not the world, at least the United States. We follow exciting exploits of resistance fighter Gibson Craig as he leads a rebel army against overwhelming odds. Not that he understands those odds at first, mind. Also contains: Violence, horrifying supernatural forces, and building surfing.

Important things to know about Eternity: First, although the story is impressive, the writing is not. The author wrote the story for the fun of it, and it is fun, but there are some distracting writing issues that could have been eliminated by an editor. Second, the audio version is free, quite respectably read by the author for Podiobooks.com. Third, this is book one of three, and the other two haven't been written yet.

Once I locked down my inner grammar Nazi, I enjoyed this e-book. The world Townsend has created was the big attractor for me. I adore the idea of a god who doesn't trouble his followers with the whole "belief without proof" business exerting his will upon modern America. I also really like that the heroes are atheists, although they don't come out and say so. And I developed a fictional character crush on the primary villain. He is hard core.

This e-book also has a great fan club over at EternityNovel.com. When you sign up for the newsletter you receive your own resistance soldier number, and you can read updates on the series and participate in trivia by email.

I recommend this e-book to fans of futuristic action adventures who are capable of silencing their inner critics long enough to get hooked on the story.