Fall Discoveries

Hello from the far side of a new story draft! I've answered some interview questions at NFReads.com, including a few ideas on title selection, which is usually an ordeal for me. Fortunately, Gravity of a Distant Sun is a pretty great title. Just about four months to go until you get to read the story it represents.

If you like signed paper science fiction books, check out the Barnes and Nobles around the Seattle airport. The one I visited this week had a lot of signed Greg Bear books on the shelves, among others. Now it also has a signed copy of Barbary Station!

For more to read and view, I've found the following while researching the next story:

  • Lab lit is a thing! It's fiction about science as a profession. Lablit.com offers a list of examples categorized by tone (humor, drama, etc.), which I wish more story descriptions would do.
  • Cleaning up meth labs appears to be a massive undertaking, according to the 12-step process in Restoration & Remediation Magazine's website.
  • Aircrete dome homes are adorable and they look like they belong in a video game.
  • Sleep studies require more wires than I expected, as demonstrated in this YouTube video on the subject.

Happy Halloween to all and especially the uncounted sundry, and good luck in NaNoWriMo in November!

R. E. Stearns