The Third Shieldrunner Pirates Book, and Other Things

A third novel in the Shieldrunner Pirates series is coming. With luck, I’ll have a publication date soon.

In unrelated news, I have found a new and amazing thing to read about: Slime molds! Despite lacking anything resembling a brain, they make decisions! They are so good at that that Hamshire College added one to their faculty. They (the molds, not the faculty) also move without muscles and eat without mouths. The mold can already solve some types of problems faster than computers. Not bad for what’s basically a single-celled organism!

So that’s been my 2019 thus far. Although Denver has been spared the polar vortex, I’m hearing wild stories from Americans affected by the extreme cold. Stay safe out there.

Linked articles in the order they appear:

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R. E. Stearns