A Map of Barbary Station

I've received some questions about Barbary Station's layout. My visual art efforts are limited to stick figures and cartoon dogs, but this is the "map" I used while writing. It's not to scale.

Keep in mind that this was my reference which made sense to me at the time! You are welcome to create your own which makes sense to you. I mapped from the outside in, so the top of the diagram is the outside of the ring and the bottom is the inside of the ring. From the perspective of somebody inside the station, this map is upside down. Lables denote the original purposes of each section, and may note their current status in parentheses.

SPACE (Down)
Engine Engine
Docking Bay 1 - 69 ticks N Ctrl/Comm/ Drones - 61 T N Admin - 53 T N Docking Bay 2 Air/HVAC - 38 T N Farm Docking Bay 3 - 23 ticks N Waste - 15 T N Water 7 T N Docking Bay 4 (Fugees) Cutting - 92 T N Sorting - 84 T N Recycling - 76 T N
Servers Security Medical Residential
Observation/ Shuttle 1 (missing) Packaging Testing Observation/ Shuttle 2 Shipping Observation/ Shuttle 3 Parts Storage Emergency Mgt Observation/ Shuttle 4
Power Plant Pirates Power Plant
Scaffolding, Shuttle Hub (Up)

The areas in black are outside the station structure. The gray areas are on the hull. The next row down is Floor 1 inside the station (where our heroines arrive), the next row is Floor 2, and the observation rooms and shuttle terminals are all on Floor 3. Orange areas are not pressurized during the story. White areas have breathable air, as do structures on the inner ring’s hull. Station north (for internal navigation purposes) is in Docking Bay 4.

I am no cartographer. If you know a freelance maker of fictional maps, drop their contact info in the contact form on my site.

R. E. Stearns