Hurricane Harvey Links

This is my first August outside of hurricane range in a very long time. I deeply empathize with the Texans still getting rained on by Harvey. I don't have a boat (if you do, Houston needs help. Call the Houston PD at 713-881-3100 to find out how). What I can do is donate money to a reputable organization and provide a short update on the south Texas science centers, which are being understandably overlooked in the large-scale human tragedy that is Houston right now. Prepare for lots of links.

The Hurricane Harvey page recommends highly rated local food banks. Remember, food banks can buy food cheaper than you can [source], so feel free to give them money. Also, keep up with's Hurricane Harvey articles so you don't get fooled by fakers.

And now, for science center news:

  • Johnson Space Center - @JSCSOS is tweeting from their brand new island, where they are completely surrounded by flood water. They've had 31 inches of rain as of 8/28. ISS support, mission support, and facilities personnel are on site, supporting their important projects. CBS reports that all critical facilities and missions are okay for now. It's closed, obviously.

  • Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History – Closed until 8/29 at the earliest, but all they're doing is "cleaning up." Sounds like they're okay! Their Facebook page is up-to-date, and they provided some amazing photos for this article on Texas hurricane history.

  • International Museum of Art & Science – Closed until 8/29 at the earliest.

  • Imaginarium of South Texas - They were hosting evacuees on the 25th [source]! Closed until 8/29 at the earliest.

  • Houston Museum of Natural Science (main and Sugarland) – Observatory is closed through the 29th.

  • Moody Gardens – According to their Facebook page, "Moody Gardens has not been impacted by the storm and the hotel and attractions are open!" You can watch their very wet webcam.

  • In better news, I'm volunteering at Denver's Nan Desu Kan art show September 1-3, 2017. For more information, visit Come by, say hi, look at cool art which you can buy! I'm a novelist, not a poet. There really is an auction, though.

    Barbary Station comes out just two months from today, on October 31, 2017! It should be available for preorder at your bookstore of choice.

R. E. Stearns