Release Date Update

Barbary Station is now coming out in October 2017! So, your pre-order date is correct, I hope. If not, contact the retailer.

I'm temporarily a part-time writer, part-time mover as my household prepares to relocate to a new state. The excuse to focus on pairing down clutter is delightful, but dear gods is there a lot of clutter. Moving is also a great time to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, because it's otherwise mostly tedium and dust punctuated by rediscoveries of broken house parts.

In the course of catching up on podcasts, I listened to The Black Tapes! Yeah, I'm about a year late to the party, so it goes. The production quality is amazing, the voice acting is fantastic (full cast!), and it's creepy in an X-Files kind of way. Rumor has it that a new season is coming. Tanis, created by the same production team, is similar, although it takes about three episodes to get good. I'd ask for podcast recommendations, but I still have plenty left on the playlist. Next one I'm catching up on is 99PI.

R. E. Stearns