I Wrote a Sequel.

I finished the first draft of the sequel to the manuscript currently titled Barbary Station. Obviously it did not get finished at the end of November, but I did skip my usual January/February depressive episode because I was writing, so that was nice. I spent five months on about 103k words (384 pages).

That was way too long. October was fun. November was less fun. December was stressful, and January and February were "Is it done yet is it done yet what in heaven and hell is wrong with me is it done yet?" So, three months would have been all right. Five months was too much of a good thing.

Now I'm enjoying a short break in which I can worldbuild (combining radio and quantum entanglement for comms, at the moment), read more (currently reading Morningstar by Pierce Brown), game more (Shadowrun: Hong Kong extended edition!), and spend more time on the treadmill without "Why aren't you writing?" on repeat in my brain.

No, I cannot write and simultaneously walk or run. I either get nauseous or think in circles.

And I changed my picture on the about/home page, so that one of you might recognize me if you encounter me in person. You may now see what manner of person generators this blogging/storytelling endeavor, as well.

R. E. Stearns