On Writing Motivation

And here I thought I wouldn't have anything to write for this month's blog! Ha. First, shout out to newlyweds Terri and Paul! Great party, wonderful to see you, thanks for letting us crash on your fancy futon.

The folks over at Webucator asked some questions in honor of NaNoWriMo. I'm not NaNoing very hard this year. I've never written a novel in more than a month, and I'm curious about what that's like. However, the questions are mildly interesting, so I shall answer them:

When I started writing, I just wanted to make a story like the Narnia books, only with better character names. My age was in single digits at the time. These days, I want to write instead of manage curricula, but that's not happening anytime soon. The college administration gig pays well enough, and leaves me enough brainpower to write in the evenings, which are the important things.

I keep writing because I can't help doing it, and if I don't work to improve I will only write bad stuff (freeze frame scenes, lazy little short stories that don't get finished, etc.). It takes some discipline to finish a story, edit it, and find the right place to publish it. It's also effort well spent.

R. E. Stearns