Audio Done... for Now

The audio project I've been working on is finished! For three hours of audio I spend four hours recording, two weeks choosing takes and cutting out errors, and another two weeks cutting out little mistakes caused by my slobbery Welsh heritage. It probably shouldn't take me a month to produce three hours of audio.

I realized partway through that it's set in New Zealand. Oh, the things they say there! Here are my favorite sites looked up while trying to figure out how to pronounce places and things:

I can never tell when these will air, so I'll just post when it turns up on the internet.

Now I get to focus on the novel again! At this rate I probably won't get to the next one until November. At least I've established that while a long outline makes the first draft very easy, it does nothing to improve subsequent drafts, or my reaction to them.

R. E. Stearns