Invisible Progress

This month: Same as it ever was, except with another (particularly horrific) tale in my voice on Tales to Terrify. I discovered an irksome flaw in my writing which sent me rifling through my body of work to find and remove it. The next novel will be written in November, as per usual. Perfectionism is only problematic when you lack the time or resolve to pursue it, right? I keep thinking “this will only take one more week." Perhaps next week will be the one.

I also returned to the totally diverting Story Nexus universes. Fallen London is still my favorite, but Winterstrike is intriguing and Cabinet Noir and Samsara are also well constructed. If you've never played Fallen London (formerly known as Echo Bizarre) it’s a free-to-play roleplaying browser game which progresses through a story told in a series of event cards. The other Story Nexus games appear to function the same way. You are presented with opportunities to address a panoply of objectives, aspirations, and desires as you see fit.

Think of them as exceedingly complicated choose your own adventure tales for grown-ups. If you’re a gamer who reads a lot or a reader who games casually, select your preferred flavor and enjoy. You can even build your own. I've got a couple of promising ideas for myself.

You can't tell from this, but I really am working while waiting! Sooner or later I'll have news, and it will be good.

R. E. Stearns