I Own an E-Reader

Reverb10 goes on and on! Today I consider: What’s the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year? This is too easy. My parents bought me a Kindle.

It's certainly tangible, although it's incredibly light for what it is. It's memorable for many reasons. It's one of the priciest gifts anyone's ever gotten me. It's a step into the new era of book consumption that I didn't think I'd take for a long, long time because of the price tag. I've now got the opportunity to see what a good (or bad) e-book looks like on an e-reader, and what I can do about it when I go to publish one of my own.

And yes, it was an emotional gift. This is almost equivalent to personal jet packs, flying cars, and robot maids to me. The future is here! I can carry my entire library in my purse! I can take notes in the book without damaging it! I can acquire new reading material almost instantly without driving anywhere!  That's terribly exciting.

Oh, and the first book I bought for the Kindle? Talion: Revenant by Michael A. Stackpole. It's excellent.

R. E. Stearns