I Write!

I am a writer, out of necessity and joy. I write out of necessity as part of my job as an education specialist at a private technical college, and because I have a terrible memory for things not related to Star Wars or dogs. I write for the fun of it because I am imaginitive and want to catch the cool stories that come through my head so that I can experience them again sometime. I write every day, and it's my best form of communication. I wrote my first short story when I was five, and I never really stopped writing. I submitted my first query letter for my first novel today. I love the story, of course, and others might too. My query pitch goes like this:

In a realm full of magic-wielding city people, Marshal Renia of Abrengrove is proud to be the highest ranking clan guardian of Quaestia Keep. But even the best guardian force in the Westward Realm can't defeat waspmancers, the mysterious mages with acid-spitting insects and giant wasps that no one has seen in 300 years... until now.

Renia doesn't use magic, and she doesn't know why the mages attacked or what dark relics they've stolen from the wreckage of Quaestia Keep. What matters to her is the fact that hundreds of talented people and thousands of years of accumulated knowledge were lost forever in the keep that she swore to protect. Her sense of duty compels her to stop the mages responsible for this disaster at any cost. Her loyal Division Commander Garen Mossthrush, a young mage-scholar called Ancer Glim whose life's work was lost with the keep, and Targe, Renia's hunting dog, escaped the destruction with Renia. The four are determined to save the Westward Realm from whatever horror the waspmancers plan to inflict next, and to enlist help from anyone in the realm who will join them.

In her memoir, THE GUARDIAN OF QUAESTIA KEEP, Renia denounces rumors surrounding her part in the Second Realm War and describes a harrowing journey that reveals the best and worst in the gods, politicians, soldiers, seers, priests, and pirates that she meets on the way to a final confrontation with the dreaded waspmancers.

THE GUARDIAN OF QUAESTIA KEEP is a fantasy novel with steampunk elements complete at 80,000 words and available upon request. This book works well as a stand-alone novel, but I also have plans for a sequel. Thank you for your consideration.

Exciting, no? I hope an agent thinks so too. I'm aware of how unlikely it is that my particular book will be chosen, but it's worth giving people a chance to experience it. I'll publish it for free online if nobody wants to pay for it.

Anyway, as a result of sending the first query it's ocurred to me that I should establish some sort of professional web presence. I have a great deal of unprofessional web presence, but I don't think that's what agents and publishers are interested in. So, here I am! I'll attempt to post about my writing here on a regular basis.

R. E. Stearns